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Lake Carolina Self Storage

Columbia, South Carolina

This new three- story, 75,000 square foot storage building was designed to be built on the edge of the Lake Carolina development in Northeast Columbia. Special attention was given to match the details and general architectural appearance of the Lake Carolina development. This was done by pushing and pulling the building envelope to create multiple bays and applying materials strategically
to break down the long facades of the s equare building in order to give it a more “Main Street” look and feel on the principle street elevation. The design was also to be treated as a prototype, which could be be built in other locations as desired.



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The Short(er) Story:

Completion Date: 2016 (anticipated)

Square Feet: 75,000

Cost: $3.8 million

General Contractor: Boyer Commerical Construction

Services Provided: Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents


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