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News Happens..2017

July 1, 2017-Asheley takes on new role as President of Clemson Architectural Foundation

June 27, 2017-New Hires, New (Old) Space, New Year!

May 3, 2017-1x1 Design Awarded a Historic Columbia Foundation Preservation Award




May 3, 2017

1x1 Design Awarded a Historic Columbia Foundation Preservation Award

As we said last year, we happen to take a lot of pride in all the work we do...it's kind of the idea on which the firms was started. But, we are happy to be recognized by our peers for these great projects, too. Who doesn't like an award every now and then? And we are thrilled to have been recognized for our work by Historic Columbia Foundation again.

The Bakery was first constructed in 1900 as part of the South Carolina State Hospital Campus, and was abandoned in the 1990s.  The building suffered and fell into great disrepair prior to the renovations. 1x1 Design worked in conjunction with Hughes Development Corporation (Owner), SOCO (tenant), and Buchanan Construction Services (General Contractor) to pioneer the re-habitation of the historic buildings on the BullStreet campus. For more project pages, visit the project page.