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News Happens..2016

August 17, 2016-Introducing....Rachel DeBacker! Welcome to the 1x1 Design team!

August 12, 2016-Searching for AWESOME...time to HIRE!

August 11, 2016-Anna Fender elected to Leadership Columbia Advisory Board

June 1, 2016-1x1 Design Turns FIVE!

May 4, 2016-1x1 Design Awarded a Historic Columbia Foundation Preservation Award

April 18, 2016-1x1 Design Awarded AIA SC Design Awards

February 15, 2016-It's Hiring Time! COMPLETE!

March 1, 2016-Nick and Tara Elected to AIA Columbia Board of Directors


June 1, 2016

FIVE Years...!

They say the first five years of raising children are the craziest. We will see if that applies to raising a company or not...

All kidding aside (well, sort of), we've made it to FIVE years! We started with one person in a house and are now 8 people in a cozy office (becoming cozier by the day with all this stuff). We've had great clients, amazing projects, and even won an award. Okay, make that three awards (we are still excited about it).

Even with awards and growth, we remain humble and dedicated to what we started five years ago: simply doing what needs to be done, and doing it as well as we can. We are honored to do what we do, to have the repeat clients and employees, and to continue to evolve as individuals and as a team.

See the official press release here. Cheers to FIVE years!