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News Happens..2013

September 23, 2013- Fall brings news, updates and more!

September 8, 2013- Welcome to the world, Baby Jerdan!

June 1, 2013-Happy 2nd Birthday, 1x1 Design!

May 29, 2013-So pleased to announce that Alison Martin has joined the 1x1 Design Team!

April 24, 2013-We are so excited to announce that Tara Jerdan has joined the 1x1 Design team! Read the official press release here.

February 18, 2013-How is it already February? Website updates, project updates.

January 21, 2013-Anna's Leadership Columbia class officially kicks off their class project, "Leading by Reading"


September 23, 2013

Fall brings news, updates, and more!

It has been a busy spring and summer at 1x1 Design, but we are happy to welcome fall and ready to close out 2013 with a bang! Yep, 2014 is just around the corner. Check out the reworked "the work" sections for updates on completed projects, completed projects you never knew about, and what we are working on currently, too.

It's been a busy summer, but we have seen several exciting projects wrap up: renovations for University Foundations of University of South Carolina, renovations for Webster University, the completion of Ark Therapeautic Industries, and the opening of Orange Leaf in Florence. We've also had some seriously fun residential projects. We keep these pretty quiet, out of respect of the clients, but check out some of the locations in the new "live.laugh.love" section. We'll keep working on some project descriptions so you can know just a bit more.

We have some exciting things coming up to close out the year, and we will continue to update the "we're working on it" project information. Hamburgers, shoes, office buildings, and trampolines, just to name a few. As always, make sure to "like us on Facebook" and we are on Instagram now! Follow us under the name @1x1Design. We know, lots to keep track of!

Finally, we've all been pretty busy outside of the office. Asheley has finally gotten to enjoy a good summer of sunshine at Lake Murray, while also continuing to volunteer outside of the "regular" office hours. Anna has graduated from Leadership Columbia and completed her latest term with IIDA, Carolinas Chapter. The first September of ever not being in school, Alison is settling into the working world and enjoying football games--without a studio deadline. And most exciting, Tara and her husband welcomed their son on September 8. Yes, we know we have a separate post about it, but it's pretty important.

Keep checking back for updates--we will get to them, we promise! And of course, if you see any typos, broken links, etc....please let us know! whoops@1x1design.com