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News Happens..2013

September 23, 2013- Fall brings news, updates and more!

September 8, 2013- Welcome to the world, Baby Jerdan!

June 1, 2013-Happy 2nd Birthday, 1x1 Design!

May 29, 2013-So pleased to announce that Alison Martin has joined the 1x1 Design Team!

April 24, 2013-We are so excited to announce that Tara Jerdan has joined the 1x1 Design team! Read the official press release here.

February 18, 2013-How is it already February? Website updates, project updates.

January 21, 2013-Anna's Leadership Columbia class officially kicks off their class project, "Leading by Reading"


February 18, 2013

How is it already February? Website updates, project updates.

Seriously, it's already February? We've been a little busy. Good busy. Exciting busy. We are pleased to announce several new projects that are moving forward--and 1x1 Design has been selected to be a part of the design team. We are moving forward with design for our third MedCare Urgent Care facility, this one in Anderson, South Carolina. Ground is breaking for Ark Therapeutic, a project we have been working on with Cohn Construction for the past year. We have our first project in North Carolina, Faulkner's Drugs just starting construction and another pharmacy, Big "S" Drugs receiving an extreme makeover (that's how Advanced Designs, the pharmacy fixture provider describes it) in Pelion, South Carolina. We are also so excited to be a part of the renovations to the new University Foundations of The University of South Carolina headquarters on Barnwell Street. We are also getting started on a retail center for Owen Real Estate, so look for updates on that in the coming weeks.

Many project updates on new projects, and new pictures on projects that have finished up in the past couple of months (okay, more than a couple). Check it all out in the work...We'll have more soon on ongoing work, and updating some of the residential projects as well. Any questions on things you don't see? Give us a holler. We're happy to answer anything we can.

We've updated a lot of information here and there...see something not working (that our eyes glazed over...literally)? Please, let us know (we can take it): whoops@1x1design.com